Treasure Hunts

Blackbeard’s Log

This appears to reproduce entries from various logs Blackbeard kept from 1713 until his death. Most of the pages are mundane accounts of daily life at sea, with the occasional skirmish in the Caribbean. One page in particular draws your attention: Local historians have identified many modern sites in the Washington, DC, area that correspond…

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The Maryland Maritime Museum

Three-masted sloop

Anchored in Annapolis harbor next to the museum is an 18th-century sloop with the name Legend emblazoned across the stern. A volunteer greets all visitors as they board the ship. Welcome to the Maryland Maritime Museum and our special exhibit, Blackbeard’s Last Stand. You’re welcome to just wander around the Legend, check out Blackbeard’s Log…

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Blackbeard’s Map

Blackbeard's Map

Ballpeen thanks you profusely for his rescue and apologizes that most of the Blackbeard memorabilia has been sent away for appraisal. Of course I had to keep the map here. As you can see, it’s something special.” What you see is not what you expected. The map apparently is painted directly on a slab of…

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Medical Center Metro Station

Map of carriage routes

The station is apparently undergoing some renovation. In answer to your questions, the workers suggest you talk to the Chief Engineer. Tiles? Oh yes, the main entrance floor was covered with a tiled mosaic that was taken from the original building on this site. We’ve just removed the tiles for repair. You’re welcome to look…

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Do Some Research on Blackbeard

You head to The Basil E. Frankweiler Research Service, a local think-tank with extensive information on all topics. The librarian is an old friend of yours, and you hope to bypass the normal red tape. Your timing is a little off. “You want information on Blackbeard? I’m sure we’ve got a decent bio on him…

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Hunt 1989: Scavenger Hunt

After serving behind the scenes for two Hunts, I was eager to compete for a change. Steve Williams took up the challenge of organizing the 1989 event, which was a scavenger hunt instead of the puzzle-centric events of previous years. Seekers were tasked to find the following items: Any Cleveland Indians or Tampa Bay Buccaneers…

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Hunt 1988: Spy Game


The second time around, we wanted to up the stakes a bit. Having teams compete was fun—but what if solvers could strike off on their own at any time? What if you couldn't trust your teammates? For this kind of backstabbing scenario, a secret agent theme felt natural. Participants could work together temporarily to solve…

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Hunt 1987: It All Starts Here

Rebus clue to one of the 1987 Hunt locations

Unindicted co-conspirator Amber Blaha and I put together the first Hunt during the summer of 1987. It was a straightforward series of puzzles, with the answer to each being the location of the next clue. The prize—a basket of goodies, I think?—was hidden at the final location, a secret glen in Rock Creek Park that…

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