At Home, January 2001


No smiles this time! Yes, Aidan has decided there have been enough pictures and isn’t smiling for the camera anymore. (The still camera, that is. We have some juicy grins on video! You can find all Aidan’s movies on his home page!) Editorial note: As of Aidan’s 6-month birthday (and coincidentally, Anne’s 32nd birthday), Aidan…

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Aidan’s Baby Shower

Everyone was there

The biggest social event of the season! Here you see only a fraction of Aidan’s ardent admirers (Dad, LB holding Aidan, Michael, Cathy, Peter, Grandpa Steve, Grania, Grandpa Pouliot). It’s great to be the center of attention: Mom, Grandpa Pouliot, and Auntie Cathy entertain His Royal Highness. Uncle Russell and Grandma show off the man…

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It's a Gymboree day

Where else can you get a parachute ride and bubbles? Aidan joins other toddlers at Gymboree once a week. Let me out—I’m getting dizzy in here! Aidan contemplates the shifting nature of reality while perched upon the rocking platform.

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Ten Months Old

Apple blossom time

Our tree blooms for about three days in late spring—catch it while you can! Visiting Sarah (and Johnny—he’s inside) and her nieces. Aidan and Genny have formed a deep attachment, based mostly on shared food. (Aidan shares his food, that is; Genny doesn’t leave food lying around long enough for Aidan to find!)

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In Carroll Valley

Snack time

Is this a happy baby, or what? While we were up at Grania and Grandpa’s Pennsylvania cabin, we spent an afternoon at the local park. At this point, Aidan is standing pretty well, but still not walking. Grandpa Steve is lots of fun.

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Athletic Toddler

Love the water

Aidan loves the swimming pool—the real one, not the baby pool! Here he is with Mommy, though most often Grania takes him out to swim. Aquababy is a natural, kicking and holding his mouth closed (usually). Maybe Genny can teach him to dog-paddle. Technically, Daddy does all the work when Aidan bikes. (In fact, Aidan…

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