Why Do Printers Use Cyan and Magenta Instead of Blue and Red?


There are two basic ways of creating colors: by mixing light and by mixing paint. When we see light, we’re receiving a particular wavelength directly. A red stoplight, for instance, is sending off red wavelengths and nothing else. Light is “additive,” meaning you can add wavelengths together to get new colors. Red + blue =…

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Digitizing Photos


I thought I’d share the results of my quest for perfection in the transfer process. As always, I spend many hours upfront in the hopes of establishing a process that won’t have me wasting many days down the road. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, but I think I have that process now. If you’re about to start, maybe this will save you some time and agony.

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Generational Tech


For the first millenia of modern humanity, major new inventions were pretty rare. But recent generations have seen numerous technological milestones. For no good reason, I thought I’d jot down what strike me as the most important inventions each recent generation was the first to grow up with.

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