Treasure Hunts

Freed by the Inspector

“Remarkable!” exclaims the Inspector. “Yes, you’re cleared. It’s a good thing you spoke up. One should always ask questions! In fact, I think you may want to remember what saved you. Remember: one ask.” His eyes narrow thoughtfully. “Something is certainly wrong in this asylum; I shall have to investigate more thoroughly. And now that…

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Seeking The Sorceror

Hermione recognizes you immediately. “Is there any way I can help you?” she says. You reply that you have been advised to ask her about The Sorcerer. Ah, The Sorceror… He is a legendary figure of power, said to live incognito in the Vale of Questioners to avoid the public’s eye. I must tell you…

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Map of Islandia

Map of Islandia

You start from any of the locations on the outer ring. Traversing any road segment will cost you an obol, so plan your route carefully. Click on the map or the text menu below to visit a location. You will not need to solve every puzzle to finish the hunt, but doing so will improve…

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The Library

You stare in awe at the rows upon rows of books filling this cavernous monument to knowledge. Seated at a desk near the door is a Librarian who greets you. “Need anything?” he asks. “Now that you mention it,” you answer, “I am looking for some information—what’ll happen to the island. Any idea?” The Librarian…

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The Swamp of Cardinals

The Swamp

As the ground beneath your feet gets marshier and murkier, you suddenly discover with dismay that you are completely lost. The road is nowhere to be found, and the Swamp is starting to pull at your feet. Quickly, you step onto one of the large lily pads dotting the morass. It seems to hold you…

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More Literary Problems

“Quite right,” beams the Librarian upon hearing your answer. “Congratulations on being our newest member. Please accept this token of membership.” He offers you a bronze medallion. “I’m afraid I don’t have any information on the impending crisis, but please come back here anytime with other questions. We have just about every reference book imaginable…

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The Tax Cheat

The attendant’s jaw drops as he listens to your solution. “You’re right! Tremendous! Come this way!” He leads you to the Queen and explains your answer. “You have our thanks, stranger,” Her Highness intones. “Bursar, reward our faithful vassal.” A nervous man presses one of the medallions into your hand. “Come,” continues the Queen, “Sit…

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Going Bananas

You feel a tug at your sleeve. It is another merchant. “You have a formidable talent, my friend,” he remarks. “Can I interest you in a small problem? Your answer to it is worth three obols to me.” “What is it?” you ask. Three of my traders had purchased a load of bananas—between 50 and…

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