More Literary Problems

“Quite right,” beams the Librarian upon hearing your answer. “Congratulations on being our newest member. Please accept this token of membership.” He offers you a bronze medallion.

“I’m afraid I don’t have any information on the impending crisis, but please come back here anytime with other questions. We have just about every reference book imaginable here, and some that aren’t.”

The Librarian gives you a quick once-over and continues: “I don’t mean to be personal, but you look a little down-in-the-heels. Care to earn some extra money? I have a few chores here that pay a couple of obols.”

“What are they?” you ask.

“One is a translation job—I’m trying to match the Arabic terms with the English. All the translations are correct, but I’ve gotten them out of order.”

  1. baenzin supar
  2. bantalon blu zhinz
  3. blok-nohta
  4. bodra taelk
  5. iggah
  6. karavatta papyon
  7. katidrahleeya
  8. klaekson
  9. kliniks
  10. kraym kahrahmell
  11. manikeer
  12. musika zhaez
  13. otostop
  14. sahra
  15. sinemah
  1. bath powder
  2. bow tie
  3. cathedral
  4. custard
  5. desert
  6. hitch-hiking
  7. horn
  8. jazz
  9. jeans
  10. movies
  11. memo book
  12. nail polish
  13. omelet
  14. premium gas
  15. tissues

“The other task is to match up each of these mnemonics with the things they represent. I’ll pay an obol for the first and two obols for the second.”

  1. Bourgeois Dreamy Damsel Goads Horny Short Sidekicks
  2. Kangaroos Respond When Lemmings Run Counterclockwise
  3. Krakatoa Positively Casts Off Fumes—Generally Sulfurous Vapors
  4. Men Very Easily Make All Jobs Serve Useful Needs Promptly
  5. Now I Live A Harsh Existence In Ragged Suits And Cruel Taxation Suffering
  6. Please Leave Everett’s Gory Green Sleeve Alone
  7. See The Dog Jump In A Circle; Leave Her Home To Entertain Editors
  9. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain
  10. Virgins Are Rare
  1. Trigonometric functions
  2. Colors of the spectrum
  3. The deadly sins
  4. The planets (in order from Sun)
  5. Ohm’s Law
  6. Zoological classifications (in descending order)
  7. The weapons in the game of Clue
  8. The dwarfs from Snow White
  9. Pi
  10. Departments of the Federal government (in order of creation)

Solve the puzzles … 

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