Di Giorgio

Di Giorgios (at least this branch of the family) arrived in the United States in 1890. A young teenager named Giuseppe Di Giorgio was sent to expand his family’s fruit business. The fruit growing and selling empire Joseph built is a true American success story.

Joseph had no children, so his three brothers and their children helped run the business. (His two sisters also emigrated.) At reunions, family members identify as belonging to the “House of Vincent”, “House of Annetta”, “House of Rosario” (that’s me!), “House of Salvatore”, or “House of Marietta”.

Photo Albums

Di Giorgio photo albums are available online!

New! Thanks to Christine Di Giorgio Timmerman for sharing pictures from her archive, as well as a 1956 article about the inauguration of the Di Giorgio orphanage in Cefalù.

Thanks to Dixie Busch for sharing albums from her mother-in-law, Theresa “Tess” Di Giorgio Busch, and from Concetta “Connie” Di Giorgio Ball.

Thanks to JB for taking so many great shots of the 2010 Di Giorgio Family Reunion in Vallejo, CA.

Thanks to Joyce Manina for genealogical info on the Mannina branch of the family (yes, the spelling’s changed over the years). Photos and census records available from Teresa Mannina Restivo‘s page.

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