Murialdo’s Prayer

Father Teodoro Lucente, director of the Artigianelli Institute (originally the Di Giorgio orphanage), presented all Homeland Tour members with a print of this poem in Italian. This prayer has become the Institute’s credo.

Learn a lesson from the past,
But live in your time,
listen and understand
the voices of the universe,
of the earth, of your people,
of your city, of your country,
the voices of those suffering,
of the poor, of the oppressed.
Be fully aware of all
that is beautiful, good, real and holy.
Nothing is lost by living generously,
nobly, with courtesy,
nurturing in your soul loyalty,
justice, common sense, goodness.
Only this way you will learn to read
The signs of time and God,
and hear the call of the souls.

—Saint Leonard Murialdo, at 17 years of age, 1845.

—Saint Leonard Murialdo, at 17 years of age, 1845.

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Giuseppini del Murialdo

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