BidPractice 3 is out now!

What’s New in Version 3.2

Now offers the two most requested features: set constraints on all 4 hands, and get par/makeable contract analysis courtesy of Double Dummy Solver.

How It Works

BidPractice is a pass-and-play app for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. It lets up to four bridge players hone their bidding skills by generating random deals.

Each deal starts with only one hand visible. Each player in turn chooses a bid, then hides the hand before passing the device to the next player. The complete deal may be shown at any time.

BidPractice uses Double Dummy Solver to present the par contract(s) and (on 4-inch or larger screens) all makeable contracts for each deal. It does NOT evaluate your bids or make bidding suggestions. It deals hands and records the bidding so you and your partner can discuss the auction and work out bidding issues.

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I would also like to practice

I would also like to practice bidding Online with friends. I have 4-8 friends who would play. I don’t want the hassle of playing out the hand, just bidding and seeing the best contact. I would love a bid and send to a friend so there is no worry about schedules. Everyone could bid at their leisure then see how we did and Best contract


I like this idea, also.  Bid

I like this idea, also.  Bid Practice was created so Elliot and I could pass the phone back and forth as we tested out changes to our system.  An online bidding process would certainly help out multiple people separated by any distance, so they could practice together.  Bid Practice was written for iPhones only, so to adapt it for network play would be an enormous amount of work.  Are there any other online bidding programs that you know of?


We thought that would be a

We thought that would be a good addition to the Bidding Practice app, but never got around to it.  Making it figure out the optimal contracts via double-dummy calculations was the higher priority.

There must be many good bridge apps available.  We just wanted something to practice bidding with, so we could try out new bids or just get our heads into the game before playing at a club.

Patricia C. Griffin

​do you have a way that two

  • do you have a way that two players can use their own phones & play the regular game of bridge w/o being together & using the same phone? Thank you very much. 

I like the Practice Your

I like the Practice Your Bridge app, but needs the following:

1. Undo, both in Play and How To.  It is easy to play a card you didn’t mean to.  Also, once you see that you’ve made a mistake, you want to go back one or more moves and try to figure what it was.  In How to, you want to try to figure out why a play was made.

2. Pause in How to.  I need some time to think about why it is being played in a certain way.




Hello, Nick—I think you must

Hello, Nick—I think you must have BidPractice confused with a different app called "Practice Your Bridge". BidPractice, as its name suggests, pertains only to bidding and does not feature any gameplay.

Enjoy your games!

Jeff Taylor

I hope you can add the
I hope you can add the feature of vulnerability versus not vulnerable. That makes an enormous difference in many bids. In fact it is To most bids. Now, without this selection, most of these bids are missing that very important component.


Hi, Jeff—thanks for leaving
Hi, Jeff—thanks for leaving your comment. Do you mean you want users to be able to choose the vulnerability for each deal? Right now, vulnerability rotates with each deal: none, all, N/S, E/W. And the Par Contract takes vulnerability into account.

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