Eastern Mysticism

2♣ Opening

Earlier we mentioned that the 1♦ opening is vague, defined by what it is not rather than showing specific characteristics. (No 5-card major, not preemptive, not appropriate for 1NT, and fewer than 16 HCP.) After playing for a while, we found that its completely artificial nature (not promising any diamonds at all) made it hard…

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1M Opening

2-over-1 has quickly become the default system for US duplicate players, and for good reason. It’s much better than old Standard American at quickly limiting hand ranges. Which of course means that it’s right at home in a strong club system after opening 1M. But because Opener is also limited, we get added benefits. In Eastern…

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1NT Opening

I’ve already discussed the benefits of a weak notrump, so I’ll just recap with a quick summary here: Lets you open far more frequently than a strong notrump Conveys a lot of information to partner Hides information from opponents Preempts more than a 1m opening Offers a well-defined and thorough response framework No worrying about…

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