Bill Grant

Elliot’s paternal grandfather. Find Bill Grant in the online family database (access restricted).

To Evelyn: A Memorial Letter from Bill

I first met Evelyn in 1938 at the University of Oregon. She had been at USC but didn’t like it because it didn’t have her idea of a campus. She and her mother had driven from LA to Wenatchee to visit her brother Sal, and on the way back went through Eugene and got a good look at the campus. It met her idea, and she promptly decided to transfer.

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Obituary for Bill Grant


Wilbur J. “Bill” Grant died Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011, of natural causes in Pasadena, Calif. He was 91. Mr. Grant was born March 17, 1919, in Harris, Minn., the second of three children of Jack William Grant and Frankie Smith Grant. He spent his childhood in Barron, Wis. He attended one year at the University…

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