I enjoy solving puzzles (logic puzzles, crossword puzzles, etc.—see the Treasure Hunts section of this site—so as a corollary, I also like games where you have to deduce the winning plays.

Card Games

Games with cards are my primary focus; the best games combine great opportunity for skill with elements of hidden information. That means more scope for deductive reasoning than games like chess or go, where all information is open.


The king of card games. I maintain the following bridge-related resources:

Invented Games

Sometimes it’s hard to gather four bridge players, but good card games for two or three are rare. Perhaps that’s because my standards for a good card game are high.

So I created these two games:

  • Tennis is a cross between 99 and bridge for two players.
  • Whiskey is a cross between Skat and bridge for three players.

Board Games


A game I’d like to know better. As with bridge, there are so many sites on Go that it hardly seems worthwhile to add another; still, I’ve posted a page on the simplicity of Go rules.

Duplicate Scrabble

Duplicate Scrabble compensates for all the inherent inequalities of standard play in this crossword game.

Infinity Symbol