As well as some pages on our nuclear family, this section offers a searchable genealogical database of the ~2,500 relatives in our extended families.

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Jim Morrow

Dear Elliot, 

Dear Elliot, 

I apologize for inserting a comment on the family page, but it seems to be the only place I can write, after searching forever.  I heard the stunning, but sadly expected, news this morning, Dec. 20, 2018, and decided to give it one last try.

I hope someone will read this to you if you are no longer able.  Your courage, humility, vivid writing, and abiding sense of humor in this blog through all of this are a testimony to what we humans can aspire to in our short time on this earth.  I will dedicate my own forthcoming blog to you.  I will continue to be a support to your family, rest assured.

In admirtion,

Jim Morrow


Jim -Thanks so much for the

Jim –

Thanks so much for the loving note to Elliot. It meant a great deal to me.




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