Treasure Hunts

The Sculptor

Map of Islandia

You come upon an artisan busily applying hammer and chisel to a statue of a matronly woman. “Who’s the statue of?” you ask. “Don’t know entirely,” answers the Sculptor, pointing to the inscription at the statue’s base: ——— Brown, 1943–1994 “But what’s it mean?” you say perplexedly. The Sculptor shakes his head. “It means a…

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A Fateful Choice

The Sorceror smiles at you. “Yes, you have found me,” he admits. “And now I am prepared to fulfill any one request of yours I can.” You take a deep breath. “Get me off the island,” you demand. The Sorceror nods. “A wise decision. Islandia cannot survive the weight of the Moonstone much longer.” “The…

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More Literary Problems

“Quite right,” beams the Librarian upon hearing your answer. “Congratulations on being our newest member. Please accept this token of membership.” He offers you a bronze medallion. “I’m afraid I don’t have any information on the impending crisis, but please come back here anytime with other questions. We have just about every reference book imaginable…

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The Shelter

You approach a pleasant manor situated on well-cultivated grounds. One man who seems to be in charge approaches you, and you explain your fears about the impending destruction of Islandia. “I see,” he remarks. “Yes, you’re not the first with those fears. Won’t you follow me?” He takes you into the manor and shows you…

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The Court

The imposing marble columns and high steps of the courthouse separate this edifice from the wood and thatch shops that strew the City. You pace nervously throughout the hallowed halls in search of someone who can tell you the truth about the future of Islandia. Most of the lawmakers and judges are busy arguing and…

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The Mansion

Treasure map

A stately manor rises above the gardens of the cultivated landscape around you. You are about to bypass the estate when a troupe of angry people march out and start screaming at you. “That’s the one! Thief! Officer, do your duty.” A local sheriff comes forward and cuffs you as you stare in amazement. “What’s…

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The Crypt

The entrance to an underground catacomb gapes before you. Somewhat nervously, you chop off a tree branch for a torch, light it, and begin your descent. As you step into the antechamber, another tremor wracks the earth. You listen with growing dread to the sounds of moving rock. Sure enough, the passage behind you is…

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The Market

A screaming mass of humanity has gathered in the largest of the City’s plazas to buy and sell every kind of commodity. Three men arguing over a pile of medallions draw your attention. “What seems to be the problem?” you ask them. The oldest man sizes you up and decides to confide the problem. “It’s…

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Seeking The Sorceror

Hermione recognizes you immediately. “Is there any way I can help you?” she says. You reply that you have been advised to ask her about The Sorcerer. Ah, The Sorceror… He is a legendary figure of power, said to live incognito in the Vale of Questioners to avoid the public’s eye. I must tell you…

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