Treasure Hunts

The Chess-Master

First chess puzzle

“Hola, weary traveler!” calls the strange, gnome-like individual who stands before an elaborate chess table. “Care to pass some time in honorable combat?” You shake your head. “My time is too valuable to waste in idle games,” you state. “Ah, so your time has value!” exclaims the dwarf. “Then I’ll make it worth your while….

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Map of The Crypt

Map of The Crypt

You start at the top left cell with 100 drachmas (100d). The number in each door is the amount you must pay every time you pass through it. You may enter a room as often as you like. The letters may be taken immediately or left to be taken later, but each letter may be…

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The Warlord

Within sight of the capital, you come across an armed camp. The leader of these mercenaries is a Warlord bent on overthrowing the Queen and ruling Islandia. “Isn’t that a waste of time if the island will soon be destroyed?” you ask. “Insolent dog!” spits The Warlord. “We have ways of dealing with counter-revolutionaries like…

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A Fateful Choice

The Sorceror smiles at you. “Yes, you have found me,” he admits. “And now I am prepared to fulfill any one request of yours I can.” You take a deep breath. “Get me off the island,” you demand. The Sorceror nods. “A wise decision. Islandia cannot survive the weight of the Moonstone much longer.” “The…

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Out of the Swamp

As you find yourself on firm ground again, the will-o-the-wisp reappears behind you. “You don’t want to crush a minority small-business-thing, do you?” it whines. “Guiding people out of here is my only means of support, and the competition will kill me. Look, why don’t you just take these three obols and never come back.”

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The Court

The imposing marble columns and high steps of the courthouse separate this edifice from the wood and thatch shops that strew the City. You pace nervously throughout the hallowed halls in search of someone who can tell you the truth about the future of Islandia. Most of the lawmakers and judges are busy arguing and…

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The Palace

3 medallions + idol = 12 thalers

Here at the heart of the City, a magnificent palace rises above common buildings. Dominated by a delirious dome, mounted by multitudes of minarets, and garnished with glamorous gems, this alliterative masterpiece is the home of Islandia’s Queen, Penthesilea. If anyone knows the truth about the crisis confronting the island, it must be her. Your…

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The Crypt

The entrance to an underground catacomb gapes before you. Somewhat nervously, you chop off a tree branch for a torch, light it, and begin your descent. As you step into the antechamber, another tremor wracks the earth. You listen with growing dread to the sounds of moving rock. Sure enough, the passage behind you is…

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The Vale of Questioners

You arrive in the Vale and begin mingling with the locals, trying to bring up the topic of The Sorceror without insulting anyone. The responses are, to say the least, curious: A Valeman named Arthur asks you: “Am I the Sorcerer?” A Valeman named Bernard asks you: “Am I the type of triber who could…

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Interviewing the Doctors

The Inspector decides the best thing to do is interview the doctors in charge of the asylum. “They should know about these peculiar people,” the Inspector mutters. “What makes a person peculiar?” you ask. “Anyone who thinks they’re a patient is peculiar,” replies the Inspector. “And if all the patients believe that a person is…

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