Treasure Hunts

Throckmorton’s Treasure

A hole is excavated beneath the tile you name, and sure enough, a small chest is found with a plaque on it that reads: “Herein lies my greatest and only treasure.” “Well, I guess you ain’t a crook after all,” announces the sheriff. He uncuffs you as the heirs open the chest. Inside are four…

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Freed by the Inspector

“Remarkable!” exclaims the Inspector. “Yes, you’re cleared. It’s a good thing you spoke up. One should always ask questions! In fact, I think you may want to remember what saved you. Remember: one ask.” His eyes narrow thoughtfully. “Something is certainly wrong in this asylum; I shall have to investigate more thoroughly. And now that…

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The Rewards of Science

The Scientist rapidly does some calculations and smiles ecstatically. “Tremendous! I say, thank you so much. I can see you’re a smart chap, so I’ll give you a bit of advice: that loop was about one foot off, but you should remember about five. No, I can’t say more, just remember: about five.” The learned…

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The Master Builder

Diagram of dining room

Standing in front of an unfinished house is a woman wearing a carpenter’s apron and holding a hammer. “Who are you?” she asks. “Just a traveler,” you answer, “trying to figure out these earthquakes and tidal waves. What do you know about it all?” She snorts. “I know they scared my assistants so they ran…

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The University

Map of Islandia

You enter this temple of learning with some trepidation and much hope. Surely the teachers here will know the truth about Islandia… But the rooms are full of squabbling academics debating matters of such little importance that you almost walk out without a backward glance. The seniors are asleep, and even the fresh persons have…

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Map of Islandia

Map of Islandia

You start from any of the locations on the outer ring. Traversing any road segment will cost you an obol, so plan your route carefully. Click on the map or the text menu below to visit a location. You will not need to solve every puzzle to finish the hunt, but doing so will improve…

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The Scientist

“Perhaps you can help me,” you ask the bespectacled savant staring at a miniature globe with a string tied around its middle. “Will Islandia be destroyed, or are we safe here?” The Scientist thinks momentarily, then shakes his head. “I’m sorry,” he says, “but I’m completely wrapped up in my theoretical studies of the planet…

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The Chess-Master

First chess puzzle

“Hola, weary traveler!” calls the strange, gnome-like individual who stands before an elaborate chess table. “Care to pass some time in honorable combat?” You shake your head. “My time is too valuable to waste in idle games,” you state. “Ah, so your time has value!” exclaims the dwarf. “Then I’ll make it worth your while….

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The Warlord

Within sight of the capital, you come across an armed camp. The leader of these mercenaries is a Warlord bent on overthrowing the Queen and ruling Islandia. “Isn’t that a waste of time if the island will soon be destroyed?” you ask. “Insolent dog!” spits The Warlord. “We have ways of dealing with counter-revolutionaries like…

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The Library

You stare in awe at the rows upon rows of books filling this cavernous monument to knowledge. Seated at a desk near the door is a Librarian who greets you. “Need anything?” he asks. “Now that you mention it,” you answer, “I am looking for some information—what’ll happen to the island. Any idea?” The Librarian…

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