Treasure Hunts

Interviewing the Doctors

The Inspector decides the best thing to do is interview the doctors in charge of the asylum. “They should know about these peculiar people,” the Inspector mutters. “What makes a person peculiar?” you ask. “Anyone who thinks they’re a patient is peculiar,” replies the Inspector. “And if all the patients believe that a person is…

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The Mathematician

The City! What a difference from the rest of the Island: tall buildings, lots of noise, too many people, shops everywhere… “Excuse me,” you ask the befuddled individual standing before an enormous chalkboard in the city square. “Are you The Mathematician?” “Certainly, indubitably,” mumbles the figure. “Identity property: anything is equal to itself.” “Right… So,…

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You exit The Crypt with 3 drachmas and the letters O and F. Over the door out of The Crypt is carved the single word “Remember.”

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Map of The Crypt

Map of The Crypt

You start at the top left cell with 100 drachmas (100d). The number in each door is the amount you must pay every time you pass through it. You may enter a room as often as you like. The letters may be taken immediately or left to be taken later, but each letter may be…

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The Swamp of Cardinals

The Swamp

As the ground beneath your feet gets marshier and murkier, you suddenly discover with dismay that you are completely lost. The road is nowhere to be found, and the Swamp is starting to pull at your feet. Quickly, you step onto one of the large lily pads dotting the morass. It seems to hold you…

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Out of the Frying Pan

Thanks to your plan, the cannibal pirates select the 15 golems for roasting and quickly die of food poisoning. The scholars offer their extreme gratitude. “Learned traveler, you have our undying thanks. If only we had some wealth with which to reward you. But still, take our advice and remember what saved you—a sorcerer’s hex….

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Bethesda Lawyers

Breathless with anticipation, you dial the number Karen Blixen left. To your dismay, you don’t get a human. It’s another of those damned menu systems: Thank you for calling Bethesda Lawyers, located in Offices 1 through 5 of the Civic Center Tower. If you know the extension of the party you are calling, you may…

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Blackbeard’s Log

This appears to reproduce entries from various logs Blackbeard kept from 1713 until his death. Most of the pages are mundane accounts of daily life at sea, with the occasional skirmish in the Caribbean. One page in particular draws your attention: Local historians have identified many modern sites in the Washington, DC, area that correspond…

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Armand Ballpeen’s Mansion

Ballpeen’s mansion is an impressive neo-Georgian edifice that looks bigger than your old college. When you press the doorbell, a sonorous gong reverberates that you expect to summon a butler. Instead, the mail slot pops open, through which you hear a thin voice. I’m sorry I can’t let you in right now. The sad truth…

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