Treasure Hunts

The Sculptor

Map of Islandia

You come upon an artisan busily applying hammer and chisel to a statue of a matronly woman. “Who’s the statue of?” you ask. “Don’t know entirely,” answers the Sculptor, pointing to the inscription at the statue’s base: ——— Brown, 1943–1994 “But what’s it mean?” you say perplexedly. The Sculptor shakes his head. “It means a…

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Queenly Gratitude

“Estimable thinker,” the Queen addresses you. “Twice today you have rendered us valuable service. How may we repay you?” “Well,” you say. “I am trying to find out the truth behind these rumors of destruction. Have you any knowledge of Islandia’s fate?” The Queen frowns. “Our kingdom is, of course, secure. It shall continue unabated…

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The Shelter

You approach a pleasant manor situated on well-cultivated grounds. One man who seems to be in charge approaches you, and you explain your fears about the impending destruction of Islandia. “I see,” he remarks. “Yes, you’re not the first with those fears. Won’t you follow me?” He takes you into the manor and shows you…

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The Harbor

Stranded on the shore here are the remains of nearly a hundred ships. As you stare in wonder at the haunting sight, rough hands grab you from behind. Before you can say “I’ve been captured by pirates!”, you’ve been captured by pirates. “Haw!” They cackle. “Another victim for the sacrifice to Jolly Roger, Lord of…

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Freed by the Inspector

“Remarkable!” exclaims the Inspector. “Yes, you’re cleared. It’s a good thing you spoke up. One should always ask questions! In fact, I think you may want to remember what saved you. Remember: one ask.” His eyes narrow thoughtfully. “Something is certainly wrong in this asylum; I shall have to investigate more thoroughly. And now that…

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Seeking The Sorceror

Hermione recognizes you immediately. “Is there any way I can help you?” she says. You reply that you have been advised to ask her about The Sorcerer. Ah, The Sorceror… He is a legendary figure of power, said to live incognito in the Vale of Questioners to avoid the public’s eye. I must tell you…

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Medical Center Metro Station

Map of carriage routes

The station is apparently undergoing some renovation. In answer to your questions, the workers suggest you talk to the Chief Engineer. Tiles? Oh yes, the main entrance floor was covered with a tiled mosaic that was taken from the original building on this site. We’ve just removed the tiles for repair. You’re welcome to look…

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Do Some Research on Blackbeard

You head to The Basil E. Frankweiler Research Service, a local think-tank with extensive information on all topics. The librarian is an old friend of yours, and you hope to bypass the normal red tape. Your timing is a little off. “You want information on Blackbeard? I’m sure we’ve got a decent bio on him…

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