Medical Center Metro Station

The station is apparently undergoing some renovation. In answer to your questions, the workers suggest you talk to the Chief Engineer.

Tiles? Oh yes, the main entrance floor was covered with a tiled mosaic that was taken from the original building on this site. We’ve just removed the tiles for repair. You’re welcome to look at them, just be careful not to damage anything.”

The Chief Engineer presents you with a tray. Carefully arranged in the tray are hundreds of colored tiles that form an intricate map:

Map of carriage routes

While traveling from depot station 1 to depot station 4, be sure to visit lovely Wilkin’s Pass …

…Which you can do only by traversing an even number of carriage routes.

You gently pick up a tile and turn it over. On the back is a single numeral. Turning over further tiles reveals more numbers and some symbols. Clearly, you must locate Wilkin’s Pass to discover which numbers are significant.

Between which two stations is Wilkin’s Pass? Submit your solution.

Infinity Symbol