Do Some Research on Blackbeard

You head to The Basil E. Frankweiler Research Service, a local think-tank with extensive information on all topics. The librarian is an old friend of yours, and you hope to bypass the normal red tape.

Your timing is a little off.

“You want information on Blackbeard? I’m sure we’ve got a decent bio on him in our database. I’ll just call it up and … oh oh. Looks like the database is acting up again. I don’t think this is what you want, but it won’t display any related records until I finish filling in this one. And I have no idea. Do you? Wait, here’s a printout.”

Pirates’ Selection of Gemstones

From the diaries of Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard)
(see related file)

April 15, 1718

Our last Capture having included a Cornucopia of Gemstones, a Discussion befell amongst myself and my four Captains as to which type of Gem each would take, could only one sort be chosen.

As we also had discovered many Casks of Rum, our Thoughts seem’d somewhat addled. Yet as I reviewed our Decisions in the sober Light of Morning, I was pleased to find that we all spoke true. I reproduce below our curiously correct Statements:

  1. Fowler: “I’ll take diamonds unless Deighton chooses emeralds and Everett does not pick rubies—in which case, I’ll take sapphires, but not otherwise.”
  2. Blackbeard: “Deighton will take rubies unless Charles chooses diamonds (in which case Deighton will take sapphires) or unless Charles selects emeralds (in which case Deighton will also choose emeralds).”
  3. Deighton: “I’ll take diamonds unless Everett chooses emeralds.”
  4. Everett: “If Fowler chooses diamonds, I’ll take sapphires.”
  5. Charles: “If Fowler doesn’t pick diamonds, Blackbeard here will take either diamonds or emeralds—whichever is chosen least by the rest of us.”

As can be seen, Fowler did in fact choose>>>>>>>>>

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Corrupted file. Please reenter information for following fields before proceeding:

Fowler chose:
Blackbeard chose:
Deighton chose:
Everett chose:
Charles chose:

Which gem did each pirate choose? Submit your solution.

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