Seeking The Sorceror

Hermione recognizes you immediately. “Is there any way I can help you?” she says. You reply that you have been advised to ask her about The Sorcerer.

Ah, The Sorceror… He is a legendary figure of power, said to live incognito in the Vale of Questioners to avoid the public’s eye. I must tell you that in that strange place, all the inhabitants speak only in questions answerable by yes or no. Furthermore, the Yes tribe there can only ask questions answerable with a yes, while the No tribe can only ask questions answerable by no.

To be explicit: A Yes triber could ask “Is two plus two four?” but not “Is two plus two five?”; a No triber could ask “Is the earth square?” but not “Am I a No triber?”

If anyone knows the truth about Islandia’s fate, it would be The Sorceror. Unfortunately, it will be hard to find him, since he appears as any other vale-dweller—no one knows of which tribe he pretends to be. They say that he will grant one request to anyone who pierces his disguise. But do not accuse the wrong person of being a Sorcerer! Neither tribe likes magic and may well kill someone rude enough to insult them by saying they are a Sorcerer.

If you are determined to seek The Sorceror, I can place you on one of the royal trade caravans, which is leaving for the Vale soon.

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