The Library

You stare in awe at the rows upon rows of books filling this cavernous monument to knowledge. Seated at a desk near the door is a Librarian who greets you.

“Need anything?” he asks.

“Now that you mention it,” you answer, “I am looking for some information—what’ll happen to the island. Any idea?”

The Librarian scratches his head. “Could be. But of course I can’t give out information to people without library cards.”

You groan. “It figures. So how do I get a library card?”

“Simple. Just tell me how many words are in one of the library books.”

“How am I supposed to know that?” you ask incredulously.

“Well, I can tell you that there are more books here than there are words in any one book. Also that no two books have the same number of words.”


“That’s it. How many words does one of the books have?”

“Any book?”

“Any book.”

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