The Chess-Master

“Hola, weary traveler!” calls the strange, gnome-like individual who stands before an elaborate chess table. “Care to pass some time in honorable combat?”

You shake your head. “My time is too valuable to waste in idle games,” you state.

“Ah, so your time has value!” exclaims the dwarf. “Then I’ll make it worth your while. Solve my problems and win an obol or two or three.”

You pause to consider. It’s lunchtime anyway. “What are your puzzles, Gamester?” you ask.

First chess puzzle

The gnome chortles and quickly arranges some chess pieces. “Win an obol by playing White and mating Black in three moves,” he announces.

Second chess puzzle

“Or walk away with three obols by taking back White’s last move and mating Black in one turn.”

“And if your game is rusty, you can win two obols merely by telling me how squares on a chessboard can be completely covered by a circle whose diameter is equal to the length of the board’s side.”

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