The Search for Blackbeard’s Treasure

Rumors are flying about a recent discovery of historical—and financial—significance: the only will of Blackbeard the pirate. Treasure hunters have sought Blackbeard’s lucre for ages with no luck. Maybe that will change now.

It begins on a seemingly normal day, when you return home late from work (again!) to find a single message on your answering machine. You don’t recognize the name or voice, but your attention is riveted by the single word “Blackbeard.”

This is what you hear as you replay the message:

Hello, this is Karen Blixen of Bethesda Lawyers. As one of 427 recorded descendants of Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the pirate, you are invited to the reading of a document that may be his will. Please call me at 301-555-3826.

Blackbeard’s will! You’ve heard rumors about it recently, and of course the prospect of inheriting millions has stirred your family for generations. Four hundred twenty-six other claimants is disturbing, but maybe there’s enough to go around…

Call Karen Blixen the easy way…or the really hard way.

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