Hunt 2017: Capture the Firebird

Move over, Beatles—Sgt. Pepper isn’t alone in celebrating an anniversary this year.

It was 30 years ago today
We made a Treasure Hunt so folks could play
It’s been going in and out of style
But I hope that you’ll still flash a smile
When we send this invite to you
To the Hunt you’ve known for all these years
The 30-year Treasure Hunt DC!

That’s right—our first Hunt was way back in 1987. Lately, we’ve been delegating Hunt operations to Gene Weingarten, Dave Barry, and Tom Shroder as part of the Post Hunt. But since they’ve dropped the ball this year, it’s time to bring back original management. Besides, a nice round number like 30 is too good an opportunity to miss.

As part of the anniversary festivities, I’ve significantly expanded the Treasure Hunt pages here on Drop by to learn about the previous events. If you were a participant, please share a memory in the comments sections!

The Hunt Online

Now that the actual event has wrapped, I’ll post an online version for solving in a little while. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, some participants asked for a walk-through of the entire Hunt. As you wish! Download a PDF version to read up on parts you missed or just keep as a souvenir using the link below.



[For readers who weren’t at

[For readers who weren't at the post-production Drama Club party in Spring of 1987: the stage crew wrote and performed Trippin as a parody of the actual spring musical, Pippin.]

Tom Ryan

Holy Crap!! I remember

Holy Crap!! I remember winning this. The final clue was log over water. I'll check my schedule. 


That’s right! It was

Right, that was the very first Hunt in 1987! The final clue was disguised as a pseudo math-chemistry formula, IIRC:


…and the place we had discovered was where a tree had fallen across the Creek. Great memory, Tom—thanks for sharing. 🙂

Tom Ryan

Also, a few years ago I found

Also, a few years ago I found my copy of Trippin that we wrote. That was a blast from the past. 

Kate Holden

I so want to do this in

I so want to do this in October!


Sweet! Will be great to have

Sweet! Will be great to have an original participant 🙂

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