The Griot of Woodmont Triangle

Arriving at 38° 59′ 19″ North, 77° 5′ 49″ West, you stare at the memorial to Bethesda’s victims of war in the center of Woodmont Triangle. How can you possibly get a permit to dig up the park? Just then, you feel a tug on your sleeve. Turning, you behold an elderly man in shabby clothing.

You seem to be searching for something. Can I be of assistance? There is nothing that happens here that I do not know about. I am the Griot of Woodmont.

For generations, my family has recorded everything that has occurred here, saving it for posterity. If there is anything you wish to know about, you need only ask.

You waste no time in asking for any information on Blackbeard, or Teach, or Drummond. The Griot shakes his head apologetically.

I do not believe the histories mention any of those names. Of course, I can’t be certain unless I run through the entire histories, which are memorized as an oral tradition. If you have a couple of days to spare, I can recite them and you might recognize the one you seek. Or if you know the exact date he was here, I can skip right to that part of the histories.”

On what date did Blackbeard visit the Triangle? Submit your solution.

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