Hunt 1989: Scavenger Hunt

After serving behind the scenes for two Hunts, I was eager to compete for a change. Steve Williams took up the challenge of organizing the 1989 event, which was a scavenger hunt instead of the puzzle-centric events of previous years.

Seekers were tasked to find the following items:

  1. Any Cleveland Indians or Tampa Bay Buccaneers paraphernalia
  2. Information booklet for any national monument
  3. Any Anheuser-Busch beer bottle top
  4. Styrofoam hat
  5. Orange golf ball
  6. Plastic Erol’s bag
  7. Any Yeti or Sasquatch (OTHER THAN BIGFOOT!)
  8. Parking ticket
  9. Grocery receipt for at least $50
  10. Popeye’s Chicken cup
  11. Map of the Natural History Museum
  12. Issue of Playgirl
  13. Issue of Playbill
  14. Used Chinese restaurant carry-out carton
  15. Business card of an occult specialist (e.g., palm reader)
  16. Houston’s matchbook
  17. Anything printed by Catholic U
  18. Diet fudge box
  19. Amtrak’s Atlantic City train schedule
  20. A “Hello, my name is…” name tag
  21. Correctly completed newspaper crossword
  22. Cineplex Odeon ticket stub
  23. Red bishop
  24. Empty can of Jolt soda
  25. Anything from Planned Parenthood
  26. Newspaper page that is at least two months old
  27. 4-leaf clover
  28. Extra strength condom
  29. Any non-condom birth control device
  30. Paper towel roll cardboard tube
  31. 7 cent postage stamp (bonus point for unused)
  32. Five metal pushpins
  33. Crab or lobster bib
  34. Bazooka Joe and His Gang cartoon
  35. M-1 Tank
  36. L’eggs pantyhose egg
  37. Do not disturb sign
  38. Self-striking match
  39. Working mouse or rat trap
  40. 1993 penny
  41. Color photo of Jessica Hahn
  42. Color photo of Tammy Faye Bakker w/out make-up
  43. Pine cone
  44. Plastic film container
  45. Anything that proves you’ve been in VA during the hunt
  46. Red shoelace
  47. 40-watt bulb (dead)
  48. Paint stirrer
  49. Elvis (Dead: 4 points; Alive: 6 points; Impersonator: 1 point)
  50. Styrofoam tray
  51. Black feather
  52. Field hockey or cricket ball
  53. Tie with green and orange on it
  54. George Bush’s signature
  55. Richard Smith’s signature
  56. Coloring book with at least half the pages colored
  57. Anything printed in Arabic
  58. Bell bottom pants (Normal: 4 points; purple, 6 points)
  59. A napkin from Jerry’s
  60. Mint flavored toothpick
  61. Holy Grail
  62. A marshmallow
  63. Pipe cleaner
  64. Business sized envelope stuffed with cut hair
  65. A whistle
  66. Poker dice
  67. Copy of The Satanic Verses
  68. The last of the Mohicans
  69. Any Hare Krishna literature
  70. Used coffee filter
  71. Bendable/hospital straw
  72. Single serve package of relish
  73. A bookmark with the name of the bookstore on it
  74. An Italian-English dictionary
  75. A forgotten man
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