The Beard Is Back!


That seems to be the rallying cry among those I meet now. And in truth, I’m thrilled. Losing hair elsewhere was not exactly a new experience, but I’ve been bearded since college. It’s one of the defining attributes of Elliot-ness. (Although not of Eliot Ness, that exemplar of clean-shaven federal agents.)

In the photo above, I can be seen modeling the resurgent foliage in my beloved window seat. Just for comparison, here’s a nearly identical shot taken just two months ago:

A beardless Elliot, back in October 2016

I’m also noticeably thinner back in October. Although my patented Using Cancer to Reduce Adiposity in Zero Years (UCRAZY)™ diet helped me shed 18 kilos, I’m now back to a respectable 64 kg.

But all this good news is boring! I’m reduced to writing these fluff pieces because, really, there isn’t a lot to talk about… So I think I will switch gears starting with my next post. There will still be personal updates when warranted, but most entries will constitute serialized installments of a writing and design project I’ve been kicking around longer than I care to contemplate.

I don’t usually share unfinished writing, but I’m going to try it this time around since (a) I’d love to get honest feedback, and (b) Cyril says I need some deadlines to stop me from procrastinating further. So we’ll see how it goes.

Hope everyone had a resplendent solstice and is celebrating any other holiday(s) with family, friends, and good cheer.

UPDATE: The writing project mentioned above is not part of this cancer-related thread, so you won’t find it by moving through the navigation below. If you’re interested, check out The Great Secrets.


Johanna Wyatt

Elliot, thank you so much for

Elliot, thank you so much for sharing your story. I hate the reason you are writing it, but have been impressed with the pictures your writings have drawn.

We met on the Sicily tour. I have followed and sent edits to your family tree. Which I need to do again. Thank you.

Cece informed me of the cancer months ago. I did write your parents then. I have gotten no news until tonight when I went onto your family site and found your story. I am glad to know you are still writing and taking such agressive action. I hope the many prayers to various saints and God, along with a couple of novenas have helped.

Sending hugs and caring,

Johanna Wyatt


Hi Joi, and thanks so much

Hi Joi, and thanks so much for visiting and leaving your message. I am eternally grateful for everyone's compassion and support.

Hope 2017 is off to a good start for you and your family. Please do feel free to send update info anytime!

UPDATE: I see you just did  🙂 I'll try to get those online ASAP.

Molly Helmstetter

Hi Elliot!

Hi Elliot!

First of all, thank you for sharing such a personal journey with all of us on the "inter-webs". From my perspective, it seems that this exposed journal serves a purpose to: 1) keep people like me (who typically don't travel south of the border…and you know which one…) up-to-date with your journey; and 2) give you healing through the written word in your journey.

Your gift of writing is certainly a joy, and I'm certainly thankful that you are sharing that gift right now with people like me. Your words, your outlook, your honesty, and your humor shine. You shine. And I truly hope that you can see that your updates, news, and stories on this site are embraced by our hearts, keeping you and your family close to each one of us. And, my prayer is that that truth contributes to your overall healing – spirit, body and mind.

Second, good to see the beard back, too. Don't know about your boys yet, but mine loves his, although it drives me a tad crazy.

Much love to you all in the promise of a New Year!

Molly, Maddie & Grant


Hi Molly (& Maddie & Grant)!

Hi Molly (& Maddie & Grant)! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. Yup, this blog is partly for me and partly for everybody else. Glad it's working out.

Hope Maddie's enjoying college. Will Grant be in the spring musical again?

Love to you all—


Hi again,

Hi again,

Maddie is enjoying a short break from college until she goes back on January 30th. And Grant just started rehearsals for the spring musical: Legally Blonde (Mom's not too keen on this selection…). His primary role is the main character's father, Mr. Woods. So, he's started growing his beard again, which he'll then have to "age" for that role. He's also a law student and part of the ensemble.

The kids and I actually took a long weekend trip to NYC back in mid-November, where we caught two Broadways musicals: Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812; and Something Rotten. Both were amazing in their own rights. Grant really loved The Great Comet and already knows most of the music, even though an official Broadway album hasn't been recorded yet. It was a fantastic experience for all of us.

Needless to say, he loves his music and musicals!

Stay warm,


Lb Rodrigues Kabel

Greetings and good wishes

Thank you so much for sharing these updates with us. I have been following your blog and wanted to know that you and your family have been in my thoughts. 

If you could, please email me your snail mail address.

thank you & I look forward to reading your upcoming posts. 




Hey LB—so good to hear from

Hey LB—so good to hear from you! Hope you & Dana & Rose, and all your families, are well and poised for good fortune throughout this new year. Will send address in a moment.

Anne sends her love too!


Glad you can come along for

Glad you can come along for the ride. Loved the Coastal Living article on your Carmel retreat, BTW. Fabuloso!!

Love to John & the kids,


Noelle Micek

Hi Elliot! Thank you again

Hi Elliot! Thank you again for all of the updates and for allowing us to follow you on your journey. It means so much to us that can't be there to see you, to know how you are, where you are in treatment and to "hear" your optomistic voice shining through. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love, Noelle 


Thanks Lisa! All things

Thanks Lisa! All things considered, I wasn't too impressed with 2016… So the coming year can only be an improvement.  😉

Lisa Scott-Ponce

happy new year

Hey you – so great to be able to follow what's going on in your life.  I think of you & your family every day.

Yes, deadlines are good, especially when time goes by so quickly, and one has the desire to start or finish a project. 

Hmm, I hadn't realized how much of your identity is tied up with the beard!  Well, in my opinion, you look handsome either way.  Just glad that you're well enough to have your beloved beard back.

Take care – we're sending hugs & best wishes for a Happy New Year to all of you.


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