2016 December 22

The Beard Is Back!


Elliot shows off his full beard as of December 23, 2016

That seems to be the rallying cry among those I meet now. And in truth, I'm thrilled. Losing hair elsewhere was not exactly a new experience, but I've been bearded since college. It's one of the defining attributes of Elliot-ness. (Although not of Eliot Ness, that exemplar of clean-shaven federal agents.)

In the photo above, I can be seen modeling the resurgent foliage in my beloved window seat. Just for comparison, here's a nearly identical shot taken just two months ago:

A beardless Elliot, back in October 2016

I'm also noticeably thinner back in October. Although my patented Using Cancer to Reduce Adiposity in Zero Years (UCRAZY)™ diet helped me shed 18 kilos, I'm now back to a respectable 64 kg.

But all this good news is boring! I'm reduced to writing these fluff pieces because, really, there isn't a lot to talk about… So I think I will switch gears starting with my next post. There will still be personal updates when warranted, but most entries will constitute serialized installments of a writing and design project I've been kicking around longer than I care to contemplate.

I don't usually share unfinished writing, but I'm going to try it this time around since (a) I'd love to get honest feedback, and (b) Cyril says I need some deadlines to stop me from procrastinating further. So we'll see how it goes.

Hope everyone had a resplendent solstice and is celebrating any other holiday(s) with family, friends, and good cheer.

UPDATE: The writing project mentioned above is not part of this cancer-related thread, so you won't find it by moving through the navigation below. If you're interested, check out The Great Secrets.