What do you call a restaurant that doesn’t allow pictures of food?


Hard to believe, but apparently that restaurant is Komi. So no video or slideshow this time around. I can post the menu, although (as with Minibar) the all-too-brief course descriptions don’t do the dishes justice: Trout roe Lavraki and scallop Squid Sourdough Duck heart and beet Foie gras Dates Ravioli Orecchiette Katsikaki Suckling pig Sorrento…

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Knowledge & Values

Statue of Minerva and a clock bell with owl and bellringers

—⁠Here you are, I say, handing Ashoka his ticket for the express train. —⁠Your pass to Boston. —⁠And why are we going to Boston? —⁠We’re not. —⁠Then what’s the ticket for? —⁠We’re going through Boston. But since we need to transfer stations anyway, and because it’s too long a trip for one day, I got…

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Journeys & Destinations

A circular labyrinth with a single path winding around to the center

Over the next few weeks we settle into a simple routine. I bring in books to read—⁠children’s books mostly, which are easy to read aloud and often wiser than their grown-up counterparts. Although Ashoka still can’t summon the details of his forgotten tryst, he stops worrying about it. From time to time we run through…

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Today Is Wednesday…


Just saw the oncologist recently, and once again there’s very little change. The pancreatic and liver masses haven’t grown significantly, and my CA-19 (blood cancer marker) level is still around 310. That’s down from an initial high of 1,600. The recently completed chemo treatment was #12, so I’ve just logged six months of toxic drug…

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Beginning & Ending

An oak tree with 5 main branches, 13 sub-branches, and 9 leaves

He is so very old. At first I think there must be a mistake; but with recognition comes acceptance. The frail figure in the hospital bed is unmoving, so still I wonder if he even lives. But then a nearby monitor beeps, and I hear a gentle snore. Wispy gray tufts float off the top…

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The Beard Is Back!


That seems to be the rallying cry among those I meet now. And in truth, I'm thrilled. Losing hair elsewhere was not exactly a new experience, but I've been bearded since college.

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Some News Is Still Good News


Saw the oncologist yesterday, and the CT scan results are “as good as can be expected”—no sign of cancerous growth or spread. Of course if we entertain the unexpected, we could hope the cancer would actually be disappearing instead of holding steady. But it’s too soon for the radioactive yttrium-90 particles to have accomplished much. Maybe…

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No News Is Good News


There hasn't been much to report lately, which on the whole is good. Both the radioembolization mapping procedure (AKA the dry run) and the actual RE procedure itself went smoothly—I was awake for both, but the sedation kept things pain-free. Recovery period was about a day, which meant I was able to enjoy a terrific…

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