No News Is Good News


There hasn't been much to report lately, which on the whole is good. Both the radioembolization mapping procedure (AKA the dry run) and the actual RE procedure itself went smoothly—I was awake for both, but the sedation kept things pain-free. Recovery period was about a day, which meant I was able to enjoy a terrific Thanksgiving. Both sides of our family were there, as well as a co-worker of Anne's who gave us tips on emigrating to Canada. Not that we're considering it… much.

Chemo side effects continue to be minimal. It's pretty much down to some fatigue Tuesday afternoon, some on-and-off hiccups Wednesday, and some mouth soreness Thursday or so. All quite manageable. The yttrium particles are (presumably) busy zapping away at the liver lesions, and we don't have a date yet for the CyberKnife.

I have another CT scan in three days, so we'll see then what progress has been made. This past Tuesday was treatment 8 of 12, so chemo is ⅔ complete.

(I was stumped for a relevant picture, so this is a shot of Clopper Lake I took last weekend.) Happy holidays, all!


Philip G Grant


Glad to hear that things seem to be positive.  Amazing how much you look like Uncles Joe and Sal without your hair and with the moustache.  You also make a great newscaster.  Happy holidays.

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