2016 July 26

Oscar Acceptance


Oscar statuettes

Source: Ivan Bandura

I'd like to thank the Academy…and all the others who have shown their support since I got my diagnosis.

2016 July 19

The Calm During the Storm


International Space Station view of hurricane Ivan and the eye of the storm.

Often throughout my life, I've been told that I “radiate calm” or words to that effect, which is typically a good thing. Given the recent circumstances, though, I think there is a concern I may be taking this conceit too far. More than one person has looked at me as if saying, “Shouldn't you be more distraught?” I know this because one of the first people to think so was me.

2016 July 18

An Unwelcome Guest


Microscopic image of pancreatic cancer cells.

Source: Dr. Lance Liotta Laboratory, NCI

Most visitors to this site will likely have heard the news already, but I have pancreatic cancer that has spread to my liver. I don't smoke, I don't drink, and there's not really a history of pancreatic or liver cancer in my family—so this was completely unexpected.