Di Giorgio

Murialdo’s Prayer


Father Teodoro Lucente, director of the Artigianelli Institute (originally the Di Giorgio orphanage), presented all Homeland Tour members with a print of this poem in Italian. This prayer has become the Institute’s credo. Learn a lesson from the past, But live in your time, listen and understand the voices of the universe, of the earth,…

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Rosario Di Giorgio’s Discharge Papers

Typically, the eldest son was exempt from military duty and the second oldest was expected to serve. Rosario's elder brother Joseph was already running the family fruit business in the U.S., so Rosario enlisted in his stead. After earning a medal in the "African Campaign," Rosario Di Giorgio was honorably discharged in 1897.

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Joseph Di Giorgio


Personifying the American Dream, Joseph Di Giorgio came to the U.S. at age 14 with little more than his family’s hopes to open new markets for their Sicilian lemons. He founded a fruit exchange in Baltimore with borrowed money and was a director of the Maryland National Bank by age 21. After buying thousands of…

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