What do you call a restaurant that doesn’t allow pictures of food?


Hard to believe, but apparently that restaurant is Komi. So no video or slideshow this time around. I can post the menu, although (as with Minibar) the all-too-brief course descriptions don’t do the dishes justice: Trout roe Lavraki and scallop Squid Sourdough Duck heart and beet Foie gras Dates Ravioli Orecchiette Katsikaki Suckling pig Sorrento…

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Strictures on Eating


Two days ago, the Plate List Tour was scheduled to visit Rasika, DC’s temple of fine Indian cuisine. Did we partake of pleasing portions of paneer? Taste tangy tidbits of tandoor? Nibble on nourishing nuggets of naan? We did not. I ate a simple dinner at home that night. And it was delicious. Two weeks…

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Crossing Swords in Stamford


I've been solving crosswords for, oh, decades now. I even have a vivid memory of my parents bringing home the inaugural issue of Games magazine back in the fall of 1977. So I've gotten pretty good at both American and English (or "cryptic") crosswords. But I've never competed in a crossword tournament… until last weekend….

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Fee, Fo, Fum, Fiola

Radiation starts in a few days, so the Plate List Tour is on hold until I see how the lasers affect my digestion. In the meantime, you are cordially invited to share in the Tour's previous outing: Fiola. This contemporary Italian establishment offers à la carte courses and a tasting menu prepared by Chef Fabio Trabocchi….

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Dynamite With A Laser Beam


Two weeks of external radiation down, one to go. So far, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The radiation treatment itself has been relatively smooth. But it may have exacerbated my ongoing stomachache. This abdominal distress started right after I got the stent in mid-March, and at the time the docs said some discomfort was…

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Shenandoah Getaway

Panorama of the Blueridge Mountains from Skyline Drive

Last weekend, Anne & I took advantage of the current treatment window to enjoy a little holiday in the Blueridge. We rode and walked through Shenandoah National Park and toured Little Washington. But the highlight of the trip was dinner at the internationally renowned Inn at Little Washington. This was the only stop on the 2017…

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The End


On December 20th, Elliot was delusional, falling out of bed, and not himself.  Anne correctly admitted him to Casey House, where he was administered pain medication and sedation.  She called me, Jacob Davenport, that morning to tell me that he might just have hours left, so I rushed over.  Over the next four days, his…

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