Pictures in the Clouds


There are people, it is said, who see pictures in the clouds;
life down here don’t int’rest them too much
They’re the poets and the dreamers, the optimists and fools;
and we all think that they’re just out of touch

Refrain 1:
They see pictures in the clouds of heroes and of dreams—
pity that a picture ain’t always what it seems
Pictures in the clouds—tell me what you see
I always see you… I hope you’re seeing me

It is easy to get lost up among the clouds;
you can find your heart’s desire there
The cumulus and cirrus are havens of repose
There are no scenes more peaceful anywhere

[Repeat refrain 1]

If everyone looked up instead of looking down
maybe we would see a few less frowns
There is just one word of warning, one occurrence to be feared
What will you do when your cloud’s disappeared?

The best of clouds will let through the sun’s ray
But someday soon you’ll wake to skies of gray
Just when you thought your cloud was here to stay,
that dream becomes another rainy day

Refrain 2:
No more pictures, no more clouds; and possibly it seems
That a cruel heaven has stripped away your dreams
No more pictures in the clouds, nothing left to see
Time to find the way back to reality

[Instrumental interlude]

But the rain, the rain’s soon gone; and almost overnight
the flowers spring up everywhere it fell
Though you may prefer the sunshine, the clouds up in the sky
everybody needs some rain as well

[Repeat refrain 2]

If you look around you’ll find that the shapes you saw in clouds
were always to be found right here on earth
If you keep your eyes wide open, it won’t be hard to see
that even gloomy days still have their worth

Refrain 3:
For you were never in the clouds, never made of air
and I could have found you if I’d ever dared
Pictures in the clouds won’t support a dream
So I’ll wait for you—I hope you’ll wait for me