2016 October 19

My Plate List


Dinner entree, as plated and served by a fine restaurant

Michael J. Bennett

We seem to be settling into a routine here, following treatment #5. Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday are hiccup nightmares, an unending spree of involuntary spasms. Thursday morning: all gone, to be replaced by a sore tongue. Assuming this also tracks previous weeks, saline rinses and Magic Mouthwash should relieve the soreness in another day or two.

Since I don't have hiccups now (Thursday midday), and remembering that last week's acupuncture session triggered hiccups, I canceled today's appointment. I may schedule another attempt in 2 weeks, for the Wednesday after treatment when I anticipate the hiccups will be at their worst.

(BTW, I mentioned to my doctor that Thorazine didn't seem to make any appreciable difference. His verbatim response: “I agree - I do not think that the thorazine helps too much.” Was worth a try, though, as it does relieve hiccups in some patients. Oh well.)

So. I know I said I don't really have a bucket list, but after not being able to enjoy my favorite foods for a few months I do have a new goal. It's a plate list.

What is a plate list, you ask? It's basically a vow to dine at every one of Tom Sietsema's top-rated restaurants in the Washington Post's 2016 Fall Dining Guide. Once my mouth is back to normal, of course. Probably starting April or May of 2017, assuming all goes well.

Let me know if you want to join me!

UPDATE 2017 Jan 11: You can subscribe to a calendar of all the Plate List outings if you like!