Blackbeard’s Map

Ballpeen thanks you profusely for his rescue and apologizes that most of the Blackbeard memorabilia has been sent away for appraisal.

Of course I had to keep the map here. As you can see, it’s something special.”

What you see is not what you expected. The map apparently is painted directly on a slab of wood, three feet wide by two feet high and nearly half a foot deep. Ballpeen is explaining that he’s encased the map in plastic to protect it, but you hardly hear him. This is Blackbeard’s treasure map!

Blackbeard's Map

You could spend hours studying the map for clues, but Ballpeen probably doesn’t want a strange houseguest. You ask if you could photograph the map instead. Ballpeen smiles.

You’re certainly not the first to ask. I had a photographer in here last month, actually. I’ve got some reprints right here.”

He scurries off and returns moments later with a faithful (if smaller) reproduction of the chart. Thanking him, you take the picture and head off to …

Infinity Symbol