2012 November 20



The SS La Savoie

Much like the Anayas and Ponces, the Mancinis (and Sforzinis) left their European homeland in the early 20th century for the chance to share America’s prosperity. My great-grandmother Eugenia “Jenny” Mancini (later Sforzini, then Stefani) arrived at Ellis Island on April 15, 1911, aboard the SS La Savoie. She accompanied her father Leone and brother Ugo, who later founded Mancini Motors in Mountain View, CA.

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1901 December 13

U.S. Census with Henry, Christina, and Emma Gran


1880 U.S. Census record listing Henry, Christina, and Emma Gran

In the 1880 U.S. Census, Henry (as well as his wife, Christina, and daughter Emma) is still listed as Gran (I don't know when he changed the surname to Grant). You can see them in lines 38–40 of the Ramsey, MN, tally below. (Also listed on line 41 at the same address is “brother-in-law” C.E. Kilberg, but it is unclear whether he is really related.) Henry Grant is Elliot's great-great-grandfather.

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1901 December 13

Rosario Di Giorgio’s Discharge Papers


Typically, the eldest son was exempt from military duty and the second oldest was expected to serve. Rosario's elder brother Joseph was already running the family fruit business in the U.S., so Rosario enlisted in his stead.

After earning a medal in the “African Campaign,” Rosario Di Giorgio was honorably discharged in 1897.

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1907 April 26

S.S. Heliopolis Manifest: Spain to Hawaii


Page from the April 26, 1907, passenger manifest of the S.S. Heliopolis

When the sugar cane and fruit companies needed laborers to work their plantations in Hawaii, they turned to indentured servitude. In return for 3 years' work on the plantation, a company would pay for the laborer's transportation to Hawaii and provide housing. My great-great-uncle, Francisco Peres Salado, arrived in just that manner. You can see him on line 3 of the S.S. Heliopolis manifesto, along with his nieces Rafaela and Amalia Anaya (later Ponce) on lines 1–2.

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2004 October 25

Digitizing Photos


Picture of Aidan playing soccer that is used as an example throughout this discussion

I thought I’d share the results of my quest for perfection in the transfer process. As always, I spend many hours upfront in the hopes of establishing a process that won’t have me wasting many days down the road. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, but I think I have that process now. If you’re about to start, maybe this will save you some time and agony.

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