2017 May 20

Shenandoah Getaway


Inn at Little Washington

Last weekend, Anne & I took advantage of the current treatment window to enjoy a little holiday in the Blueridge. We rode and walked through Shenandoah National Park and toured Little Washington.

But the highlight of the trip was dinner at the internationally renowned Inn at Little Washington. This was the only stop on the 2017 Plate List Tour that wasn't open to friends and family—just a chance to celebrate 23 years of a beautiful marriage. (Which didn't stop my generous Westat colleagues from contributing to the final bill. Thanks again!)

The Inn offers three dinner menus, although alterations are permitted. “Our Enduring Classics” features dishes that have stood the test of time over the Inn's 39-year history, “Here and Now” showcases recent additions, and “The Good Earth” provides vegetarian options. I selected “Here and Now”, while Anne chose “The Good Earth”. As you might expect, we strayed across each other's boundaries to share these culinary marvels.

I don't know if top-flight restaurants have trends (the way similarly themed movies are often released simultaneously), but I couldn't help noticing that both Fiola and the Inn at Little Washington offered foie gras, Osetra caviar, and Wagyu beef. Coincidence, or poaching of the kind not usually associated with chefs?

Meanwhile, the treatment window mentioned above continues for a few weeks while my various doctors decide next steps. Radiation and chemo ended a couple of weeks ago, but I seem to be having more symptoms now. In addition to the persistent stomachache, there's a lot of fatigue as well as finger and toe numbness and occasional nausea. It's taking the combined efforts of both fentanyl and Percocet to keep the stomachache manageable. I hope my recent CT scan will show whether the underlying issue is the stent itself, blockage in the stent, or cancer-caused. It would really be nice to know.

Panorama of the Blueridge Mountains from Skyline Drive