1996 February 12

Russia in My Life Since

Anne & Elliot

In 1994, I married the finest woman I have ever met; Anne is a constant companion and comfort in an uncertain world. I spend time with friends I made in high school, socializing, playing bridge, and watching movies; I fence and read and try to do some writing. Apart from the visits and letters of my good friend Andrei Byelopol'skii, there is apparently little in my daily life of Russia or School 45.

Appearances can be deceiving. Everything in my life falls into one of three categories: before, during, or after Moscow. My view of people and of the world is indelibly colored by the time I spent in School 45. I learned there to communicate in ways that move beyond language, to look for the similarities and not the differences of strangers. And if I see more inside the country where I live, it is because my eyes were opened to a panoramic vista outside it.