Little Falls Playground

A Department of Parks official stands amid the wreckage of the ancient tree.

This last storm was just too much for it. It’s a shame. Everyone will miss this tree. I’m trying to save the carvings at least—the rest will be hauled off as waste.

The official has sorted many of the carvings by date. Among plaintive get-well wishes and numerous declarations of love from the early 18th century, you find the following cryptic inscription:

The actual wood carving from the original hunt. See text below for inscription.(A score / Apocalyptic Horsemen) ′ (Herculean Labors – Senses) (Deadly Sins) ″

Oldest mirror
Can’t be broken
Farmer’s boon
Poseidon’s token
– @ + Toward the ship’s rear – A simple floating vessel +
At night they come
Without being fetched
By day they are lost
Without being stolen
+ Not off – Crime of burning passion

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