What the Griot Said

When you tell the Griot you want to learn about June 19, 1718, he closes his eyes for a moment and considers. Then he speaks slowly:

Ah, yes. The man you speak of must be the one we call The Digging Man. He did arrive here on the day you name with eight other men. They dug up the memorial that was here at the time and buried a large chest. Then The Digging Man killed all his companions and rode off to the east.

He came back, you know. About four months later he dug up the chest and took it away again. The Digging Man was furious at someone called Spotty-wood, and swore he’d never get the money. Cursing and fuming, The Digging Man said he would exchange all his coins for a small number of jewels. Then he could easily hide them in something that he would keep with him always to guard his treasure.

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