The Crypt

The entrance to an underground catacomb gapes before you. Somewhat nervously, you chop off a tree branch for a torch, light it, and begin your descent.

As you step into the antechamber, another tremor wracks the earth. You listen with growing dread to the sounds of moving rock. Sure enough, the passage behind you is sealed shut. There is no way to go but forward.

A skeleton lies in the dust at your feet. The luckless hand still clenches a scroll of parchment. Unrolling it, you discover a map to the Crypt; you have a hope of freedom after all!

Next to the skeleton is a talisman shaped like an A and a small leather pouch containing 100 drachmas, an ancient Islandian currency no longer of any value. You wonder whether these obscure items can be of any use, but pick them up anyway. It’s a good thing, because the doors leading from the antechamber won’t open unless you pay 10 or 25 drachmas.

As you study the map, you realize that even the A will be of use after all. You take a deep breath and begin to plot your escape…

Infinity Symbol