2017 May 27

Invitation To An Operation

Participants received the following invitation, each tailored to a specific country's intelligence agency (US, UK, China, Spain, Australia, Japan, USSR, France, or East Germany):


                                  Direction Général de
                                  Sécurité Extérieur
                                  Division of Paris
Officer Lyman:

     Recently received information from a reliable source leads
us to believe that an attempt to remove a fully classified file
from the United States will take place within the next month.
This file, in the form of a microfilm copy, contains information
which will tremendously bolster our international negotiating
position. The opportunity to obtain it should not be missed.

     Although the microfilm copy has already been removed from
circulation, it has not yet been transferred to the courier
waiting to transport it abroad. Your job is to see that the
handoff does not take place by interceding and retrieving the
microfilm. You will then return it to DGSE headquarters
personally to ensure its safety.

     The handoff's time and location are as yet unknown, but new
intelligence arriving daily should reveal both shortly. You must
contact M. Elliot Grant, the official in charge of this
operation, as soon as possible to determine further instructions.
M. Grant can be reached here by dialing 65-24, extension 394.

                          Good luck,
                          Alphonse B. Chaubert
                          Direction Général de
                          Sécurité Extérieur