2010 January 24

Eulogy for Harry Sforzini


Harry at a meeting of the Mountain View Kiwanis Club

If you knew Harry like I knew Harry…

The passing of Harry Sforzini represents the end of an era as we knew it. Harry was one of the people who represented what Kiwanis is all about. For over a half a century, Harry Sforzini was an activist, A President, an advisor and most of all, a friend to everyone he met. In the early 1950“s, he was instrumental in the purchase of some land in Mtn. View for use by both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. For nearly 50 years, boys and girls in Mtn. View had a place close to home that was like a place in the woods, where they could learn skills to help them in their young lives. When I was President, we began talking about future use of the property, since scouting was changing it’s programs and not using the property as it was intended. Enter Harry; he made sure everyone involved in the talks knew the history and value to the community. He made sure that land would continue to be of value to Scouting in the form of financial assistance.

He took pictures and kept a photo record of activities that Kiwanis was involved in. He volunteered to help in every project we were involved in, from sausage sales to hands-on work for the citizens of our community. He was always dependable and offered that little bit of extra help that makes helping other people fun. He took responsability for the Past Presidents party every year to plan the installation of new officers each year. He attended board of directors meetings even when he wasn’t on the board, to remind us of our responsabilities to others.

In the past few years, he lost two of his best friends, his wife Carmen to alzheimers disease and Mario Gemello to God’s calling. Afterwards, he was almost a lost soul, but he knew he had Kiwanis for friendship and attended as long as he could.

I will miss him and I am grateful to have been his friend.

Gerry Nelson
Past President
Mtn View Kiwanis

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