1959 January 15

Mancini Motors: A 1959 Report by Harry Sforzini


Harry and Carmen hang a poster for the Mancini Motors sweepstakes

Mancini Motors, one of the oldest businesses in the area, was started in 1919 by Ugo Mancini, who at that time operated a one-pump service station and repair shop on the El Camino near the elementary school.

Business grew, and he moved into larger facilities several times. In 1930 he took over the Nash franchise and sold Nash until 1933, at which time he took over the De Soto Plymouth Franchise for the area.

In 1939 Ugo Mancini purchased from Chrysler Corp. the Chrysler exhibit at the San Francisco World’s Fair, valued at over ¼ million dollars. This material was incorporated into a new building—our present location, which was completed in 1940. The tower with the world on top, one of the outstanding features of the exhlbit, bas been a landmark in Mountain View.

In 1941 the firm took over the GMC Truck Franchise for this area, and we have been selling GMC trucks for the past 18 years.

In 1947 Ugo Mancini retired, and his son Ernest Mancini and nephew Harry Sforzini took over as partners. Harry had been associated with the firm previously since 1936.

We (at Mancini Motors in 1959) have a payroll of 30 employees working full time. In addition to handling the full line of De Soto-Plymouths and GMC trucks, we have complete service and repair facilities, including the area’s largest body and paint shop, operating 3 tow trucks on a 24-hour service.

Also unique in our service operation is our Trim and upholstery Dpt., handling home furniture as well as automobile upholstering.

During the year 1958, our firm handled over a million and a quarter dollars of business in both the sales and service of cars.

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