2008 September 18

Home at Last


Our 737 docks at Seoul International Airport

Then it was time to leave. Somehow the flights home took even longer than the outbound trip—27 hours in all. Thông did really well, although he only slept about 7 hours total. Next time we definitely have to go first class. ;-)

Two brothers, all tuckered out

Thông immediately bonded with Aidan upon our return, and they’re already acting like they’ve been brothers forever—teasing and tickling each other, pillow fighting, etc. Thông is half of Aidan’s size in height and weight, but he’s a strong kid and gives his older brother a run for his money. Aidan shows him new things, makes sure he’s involved in the conversation, and takes him digging in the dirt, among other things.

We celebrated our return by visiting the Shaker Festival in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Riding in a Shaker horse-drawn carriage

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