Ives to Grant

Notes on the Grant family’s connection to the Ives family

Charlotte Ives = Henry Wright
        Charlotte Wright = James Smith
                    Frankie Smith = Jack Grant

Frankie wrote:

On Jack’s side–no information–from Lyl [Lyllian, Jack’s sister] either–farther than Father + Mother. My mother was left money by her family so I heard them say quite a bit. She was very proud of her side of the family–I looked up the old home when Jack and I took a trip one time–It was at Potsdam New York–It was the home of one of the Ives Bros–They also built a huge concrete bldg. name in cement letters + when it was built–They also donated land along the river for a park and there is a big stone with a bronze plaque with their names on it–placed by the town and saying it was a gift from two of the Ives brothers–My grandmother [Charlotte Wright, nee Ives] was the only girl–4 boys–so when all were gone, the money was left to their only sister’s descendants.

     Love from Grandma Grant

My grandmother died when only 38 years of age.

William Ives (b. 1607 in England) settled in New Haven, CT. His son John is Charlotte Ives Wright’s great-great-great-great-grandfather. James Merritt Ives, half of the famed Currier & Ives lithography firm in the late 1800s, is the great-great-great-grandson of another of William Ives’s sons, Capt. Joseph Ives, and his wife Mary Yale Ives (1st cousin of Yale University founder Elihu Yale).

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