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Genevieve was born January 4, 1998. She lived with us from March 1998 until her passing in 2011. [This page was originally written around the time she was 1 year old.]

After a rapid growth phase, she’s plateaued at around 80 pounds. She’s a black Labrador retriever, daughter of an 85-pound black Lab mom and a chocolate Lab dad.

As you can see from the pictures below, she’s fairly adorable if you’re into dogs. We made it through the major accidents stage with few mishaps (but much chewing) and even managed some basic training. (We trained her to eat food and not furniture; she trained us to let her do whatever else she wants.)

She gets us to cater to her by giving us that soulful look on display in three of the pictures. At least one of us is a sucker for those soulful eyes. (No bonus points for guessing who.) Luckily, she’s quite happy to chew on her various squeaky and/or fuzzy toys (the ducky toy pictured here was masticated into an untimely end after six weeks of fun) or an old pig’s ear most of the time.

Of course, every once in a while she drops the Dr. Jekyll mask and slips into Mr. Hyde mode. Don’t mess with my ducky!!

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