1907 April 26

S.S. Heliopolis Manifest: Spain to Hawaii


Page from the April 26, 1907, passenger manifest of the S.S. Heliopolis

When the sugar cane and fruit companies needed laborers to work their plantations in Hawaii, they turned to indentured servitude. In return for 3 years' work on the plantation, a company would pay for the laborer's transportation to Hawaii and provide housing. My great-great-uncle, Francisco Peres Salado, arrived in just that manner. You can see him on line 3 of the S.S. Heliopolis manifesto, along with his nieces Rafaela and Amalia Anaya (later Ponce) on lines 1–2. My great-grandmother, Maria Anaya Ponce, also was aboard but does not appear on this page of the manifest.

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