Color Correction in Photoshop


OK, you’ve scanned your 35mm film with no corrections except Digital ICE. Your image opens in Photoshop, and you see (at 10% size)…

The uncorrected scan

Ugh. What’s with that nasty green tone? Nothing serious; it’s just time for that color correction I mentioned earlier. If you’re lucky, you can click on Photoshop’s “Auto Color” and watch your image miraculously improve. If you’re not so lucky, or have a more discriminating eye, you’ll want to correct the image manually. This isn’t the place to go into setting white and black points or using Photoshop’s tone curves; if you don’t know how to do this, find a good book or website. What I can do here, though, is post the color correction profile I use; download it, unzip it, and then load it into Photoshop’s Curves dialog. YMMV.

The corrected scan
Infinity Symbol