col • o • phon n. 1. An inscription, usu. at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication.
The American Heritage College Dictionary

Welcome! I’m Elliot (Thomas) Grant, and a few years back I was freelancing as etg Design. Even though I’m back to full-time salaried work now, I’ve kept the domain to house my various projects. Feel free to wander around.

Things don’t look right on your site. Why?

Two words: Internet Explorer. I feel our pain. I say “our,” because you have the pain of using the world’s worst browser and I have the pain of wasting endless hours trying to compensate for its inadequacies. But not on my own time—this site doesn’t spend time or code trying to make IE look good. Instead, this site adheres to modern Web development standards.

So if you’re still using IE, please take a moment to download a modern, standards-compliant browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. They’re free! You’ll have a better browsing experience, and you’ll send a message that Web standards are important. Thank you.

What are all the funny icons around links on this site?

If you’re using a modern browser, you may see this image External link icon after some links. It indicates that the link is from another Web site, and that you will leave when you click the link.

You may also see this image PDF icon before links to download PDF files. The symbol indicates that you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader to open the file.

If you’re not using a modern browser, see the previous section.

Privacy Policy

Certain parts of this website may request personal information from you (e.g., your e-mail address to send answers for the Treasure Hunts). This information is used only to communicate with you at your request. I will never send unsolicited e-mail, and I will never distribute your information to anyone. At all. Ever.


I take accessibility on the web very seriously and have made every effort to keep this website accessible to all visitors. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources to ensure that every genealogy document hosted here is accessible. Please, if you have any problems with any part of the site, contact the webmaster and I will do my best to resolve the matter for you.

Thanks for visiting etg Design!

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