Chevy Chase Library

The staff at the library is in a tizzy, and yellow tape is strung across the door. A plainclothes police officer approaches you.

I’m afraid the library was burglarized last night—several books, furniture, and works of art were stolen. We’ll have the case wrapped up soon, but until then the library is closed to the public.”

You explain that you have a personal stake, as (stretching the truth slightly) one of the library’s paintings was donated by your family. The officer evidently empathizes.

Confidentially, it’s just a matter of time. We’ve taken statements from three suspects, one of whom our tipster says is the thief. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be more specific over an unsecured phone. The only other information she could give us is that Armand and Broderick made the same number of true statements.”

The officer shows you the following sheet:

Statements of Library Theft Suspects


  1. I haven’t been near the library for over a week.
  2. Everything that Broderick says is true.
  3. Everything that Chuck says is true.


  1. I’ve never stolen anything in my life.
  2. Everything that Armand says is false.
  3. Everything that Chuck says is false.


  1. Armand was at the library yesterday.
  2. Broderick has committed theft.
  3. I think the stuff in the library is great.

Armand and Broderick made the same number of true statements.

The cop continues:

It’s a little confusing, but as soon as we clear up these statements, we’ll have our man.”

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